You will need some tools such as allen wrenches, metric wrench set, and metric socket set. Unlike other functional trainers which only come with 2 or 4 pulley positions, this functional trainer comes with pulleys which you can adjust to 8 different positions. and each weight stack is labelled accordingly. The rating for the j-hooks and safety bars is the same as that for the smith machine component. The maximum weight limit for the pulley and pull-up bars is 300 lbs. You’ll know how to adjust the bench after to find the right spot. While options are limited for fixed-press gyms as they are unique, the options are exponentially better with functional trainers. Once fully assembled, the FT2 look no less than a commercial functional trainer and is one of the best in its class. Yes, you can and you can lose weight even without one. It comes with a heavy-duty and multi-function bench and other accessories. The … Some functional trainers require space around them for them to used as they are meant to be but the REP Fitness FT-5000, since it’s v-shaped, requires to be in its front to use this machine properly. BODY SOLID Whether you are are a marathon runner improving your timie, an athlete looking to improve your game, or simply a parent that wants to carry their children without injury, functional … The side posts can hold 100 lbs. Olympic weight plates have a two-inch hole in the center and fit into olympic barbells / dumbbells. The rear upright bars come with four storage pegs for olympic plates on which you can load 135 lbs. Laser cut numbers make equal adjustments easy. so don’t have to worry if the machine can handle your weight or not. You can indeed purchase a functional trainer if you have a compact home but you’ll have to watch for the dimensions / footprint, your workout requirements / purpose, and your flooring before buying one. This is the best you can get as other functional trainers only offer about 300 lbs. It’s definitely not the light-duty and low-quality home gym that you get in the market. Short and Snappy Buying Guides for Your Daily Requirements, January 23, 2020 By Evelyn Meyer Leave a Comment. Each adjustable pulley assembly comes with a handle which makes it easier to adjust the pulleys. Other than the five machines of the G3 mentioned above, the G6 has the leg press, dip station, suspension trainer and low row functionalities. The trainer has quick-adjust pulleys with 19 settings, … These weight stacks are made from heavy-duty metallic alloy plates so they will last you mostly forever. Sometimes you will find larger ones than 4 x 6 feet. The main feature of this machine is the smith machine. You can fit this machine anywhere you like in your house or garage, even in a corner and you may not leave any space on the rear. You won’t have to deal with wait times as well unlike in a gym. These are great for light to medium heavy workouts and have enough space for you to workout. A functional trainer comes with selectorized weight stacks which lets you choose your weight using a pin and height adjustable pulleys and cables. weight stacks, one for each side. If regular fitness is your goal then a functional trainer is all you need. This machine uses two 165 lbs. Olympic bars also have sleeves which are the two-inch diameter revolving ends that you load the weights on. So, with these machines you don’t have to worry about the form for certain exercises and you just have to do the pull and push movements. If you’re someone who does heavy workouts then your options are limited when it comes to functional trainers with small footprint. However, the FT2 comes with a weight multiplier but only for the smith machine. Functional trainers, because of their design, offer multi-planar (360 degree) movements so it’s important to exercise in proper form and you need to know the proper form for your target muscles. We have compiled the list of the best functional trainers from Amazon that you can consider if you’re setting up your own home gym or a commercial gym. Functional Trainers can lead to improved muscular balance and joint stability in athletes and overall increased function for individuals following debilitating injuries or life-threatening conditions such as … If you choose 100 lbs. WORKING DAYS/HOURS The Streamline Functional Trainer is one of the most versatile and unique training systems on the market. Users also report that the customer service of MiM USA is good too. However, it comes with anchor points on its base bars for added stability. The top frame bar has a set of rubberized handles to perform pull-ups or chin-ups. I provide a complete solution to your health and fitness goals using functional … only. However, at the gym, you’ll have to deal with expensive monthly gym membership, overall time taken door to door including preparing, travelling to, working out and traveling back home, and if you go during peak time then you’ll have to wait for your turn. See the FT1 Functional Trainer in action with this comprehensive demonstration video. and the frame structure adds another 405 lbs. Whether your goal is cardiovascular fitness, a shapely, toned body or dramatic muscle size and strength, the BodyCraft PFT V2 Functional Trainer will help you achieve your goals. As far as maintenance is concerned, you will only require to apply some silicone lubricant to the guide bars for smooth gliding movement or to the pulleys when they start to squeak after regular use. each side and you will be able to perform a wide variety of exercises with your desired resistance. The guide beams of the weight stacks, adjustment bars of the front pulleys and pull-up bar have chrome finish. The two 5 lbs. A commercial quality functional trainer. The Functional Trainer is among the ultimate in exercise versatility. So, analyze gym membership versus functional trainer considering the cost of the functional trainer and whether there is a good model available to suit your requirements. FT2 Functional Trainer | Full Body Workout Machine FT2 FUNCTIONAL TRAINER with pull up bar, smith bar, dual weight stacks, and 6 pulleys. Functional trainers offer multi-planar movements so you can work your muscles from any angle which is why they are also known as functional trainers. What is a functional trainer? The leg press assembly attaches to the smith machine and depending on your foot position targets different muscles in your legs (quadriceps, glutes, inner thigh muscles). Due to the versatility functional trainers offer, having 8 different positions to choose from vastly increases the exercises you can now perform to target different muscle groups. Talking about its build quality, the functional trainer is designed to withstand the rigors of professional use. So, the entire 165 lbs. Now, as your goals change and / or increase, you’ll probably need to buy additional equipment which could include a power rack and heavier weights. These large levers make it very smooth to lock and unlock the bar into position. © 2020 Titan Manufacturing and Distributing INC. All Rights Reserved. You’ll have to use weight plates to add resistance and if you don’t have them then you will need to purchase them separately. This machine looks similar to the HCI Fitness PTX Trainer but its frame doesn’t fold as the HCI Fitness PTX Trainer and come with more features and functions. This machine won’t wear out easily, or chip, can handle heavy workouts, and won’t need replacing for years to come. If you’re buying for commercial use then the FT-5000 is the model to go for. The upright bars have can adjust in 32 different positions and distance between the holes is 1 inch. Inspire Fitness Ft2 Functional Trainer If you don’t have enough room (or don’t need) for the Inspire Fitness SCS, the Ft2 is an excellent option too. This functional trainer is V-shaped like the Inspire Fitness FT1 functional trainer. FORCE USA Monster G3 Power Rack, Functional Trainer & Smith Machine Combo Base. Coming to the accessories that come with this machine, you’ll get a set of two ergonomic handle grips with short straps (8 inches), a set of two ergonomic handle grips with long straps (17 inches), a tricep rope (23 inches), a long bar (42 inches), a short bar, one ankle strap, and a poster which includes 35 standard exercises that can be performed using this machine. This can be painful for some people considering how much time you spend at the gym, gas costs on top of gym membership. At the gym, you will find functional trainers and many other gym equipment for specific exercises unlike functional trainers. graduated steel weight stacks. weight stack would feel like you’re lifting only 82 lbs. This functional trainer is built to last you for many years and you’ll have to go out of your way for it to show any serious damage. The XM-7626 by XMark Fitness is a functional trainer for the whole family, as it's highly adjustable for virtually any height. As you can see, there is a lot of space for users to perform their workout and the pull-up bar is comfortably high above the floor so you have good enough leg room to perform pull-ups even if you’re tall. With 20 floor-to-top pulley positions, users can perform dozens of ground-based, functional movement exercises. The Victory Multi-Grip Functional Trainer is the best functional trainer cable machine for most home gyms … Its dimensions are 84”H x 43.5”D x 60”W and at the base it’s widest at 65 inches. The height of the machine is 82.5 inches (209 cms.). These sleeves rotate which removes the additional torque on the bar when its being used. This functional trainer also comes with a bench. They are versatile, thicker, longer, way more durable, and cheaper than other mats out there. weight stacks located on each side. You can load about 200 lbs. As far as maintenance is concerned, you won’t have to do much except regularly lubricate the pulleys after a while of using the machine to avoid the squeaking noise. It can be used by any type of user, from someone who performs high intensity workouts to regular users who want to use exercise equipment for their general fitness needs. It’s easy for an average person starting out with bodybuilding or their fitness goals to lose discipline shortly after starting out. You’ll also find reinforcement bars in the top rear end of the smith cage. The cables that come with the X-Mark 7626 functional trainer are airplane quality steel ropes. With fixed-press gyms, it will mostly be compound movements, while with a functional trainer, it will be more of isolation exercises. It then comes down to how you are as a person. each but you’ll only feel half their actual resistance because of the 2:1 ratio. Being at the gym at this starting stage will help you stay motivated. Th weight rating of the cables for each carriage is more than the advertised 500 lbs. The bar that comes with the smith machine component is an Olympic 7 feet bar, with 2 inches sleeves. They all display the rugged look that’s become a hallmark of Muscle D Fitness … The bench when assembled is quite heavy at 85 lbs. Optional accessories for this functional trainer include the multi-function exercise bench and two 50 lbs. weight stacks that also come with machine can be used for 5 lbs. Another thing is, where will you be keeping these functional trainers and who will be suing them? but if you can you the standard bar that is less in weight when doing your presses. The upright bars of the adjustable pulleys and the guide bars of the weight stacks have chrome finish. This machine also comes with accessories such as an attached exercise book, long bar, short bar, chin bar, assisted pull-up strap, ab slings, ankle strap and two single handles. This functional trainer comes with independent, adjustable cable columns that have 30 different height positions and they also rotate 200 degrees making it possible for the user to train from a variety of angles and height positions. Standard plates have a one-inch holes and fit into barbells and dumbells with one inch diameter ends. Talking about its footprint, it’s neither too wide nor too narrow. Bulk up your fitness routine with the included … Horse stall mats are the best. Form and routine are important and you will need help at this stage. If you’re someone who can remain disciplined to achieve your fitness goal then sure a functional trainer or home gym will be a good investment. You just have to rotate the bar towards the outside and move it to the position you want to and then rotate inwards to lock the safeties. You also get triceps rope, chrome plated triangle V-bar, and strap grip handles along with this functional trainer. The X-Mark 7626 functional trainer has a lifetime frame warranty and one-year warranty for parts. This machine is very sturdy even without the weights and provides great stability. The smith machine component of this machine comes angled. It has about 3 inches of foam cushion. There are two curved handles which you can use for close handed chin-ups and wide-grip chin-ups or pull-ups. The standard barbells have a spin-lock mechanism to keep the plates on the bar and thus, the ends of the barbells have threads on them. So, you can rest assured, it won’t budge or wobble and there is no need to anchor it. Monday - Friday: 7:00AM - 6:00PM CT How can I help you? There's unrestricted exercises are designed to move the way … resistance. Functional Trainers allow you to have complete freedom of movement in any direction or plane while performing weight resistance exercises. The thing with functional trainers is that they have to be shipped which is why they need assembly. Functional trainers offer multi-planar … At the rear base there are a set of transport wheels and in the front, you’ll find a lifting handle. It comes with a heavy-duty frame made of thick steel. so, you’ll be able to increase the resistance by 10 lbs. With the functional trainer component, you can choose from up to 75 different exercises covering muscle groups of your chest, shoulders, arms, legs, and back. Overall, the X-Mark Functional Trainer is a reliable and solid machine. However, like with all functional trainers, you’ll have to watch out for the room height. Its dimensions are only 81.5”H x 54”W x 47”D which makes it smaller in footprint than the FT2. Something most functional trainers lack is a good quality smith machine but not this one. so almost all users can perform pull-ups and chin-ups comfortably. The REP Fitness FT-5000 is made from high strength, 11-gauge steel tubing. This functional trainer has both a smith machine and functional trainer. The Inspire Fitness FT1 functional trainer comes with two weight stacks which use metallic alloy plates. The frame is grey colored and resistant to any chips, corrosion or any damage whatsoever. The machine overall is similar to the G3 functional trainer which we have reviewed above but there are some differences. You will most probably need a 3/4-inch-thick 4 feet by 6 feet heavy duty mat to protect your floor from any damage. Inspire Fitness Functional Trainer FT2 and Smith Station. of weight of the weight stack. FTX FUNCTIONAL TRAINER The all-new FTX is full of versatility, but at an affordable price. can easily use this machine to perform their workouts. Large circular steel pads finish of the base bars also increase the stability. The assembly of this machine shouldn’t take you more than 3 hours if you’re doing it solo and if you have help then you can assemble this machine in less than two hours. You need to combine it with proper diet, certain cardio exercises like running and discipline. If you’re a beginner and can’t really afford the expensive functional trainers than this machine would be a good choice. The weight plates are made of cast iron so don’t worry about its durability. The FT-3000 has less footprint (78” tall, 53” wide) and has less weight stack at 180 lbs. Powertec Fitness Functional Trainer Deluxe. The functional trainer comes with many accessories. Some functional trainers require lot of effort and time for assembling because of the number of parts involved but this machine won’t take you longer than about 3 hours without help. This means that you’ll have to use judgement on several occasions. It’s multi-grip and has a weight rating of 770 lbs. each and a top stopper plate of 10 lbs. It is a perfect choice for any health club looking to upgrade or add to their … Also, there are some companies who can help you with your maintenance requirement should you notice any issues with any parts. Functional trainers are the least assisted type of gym for your home. These cable machines feature a limitless number of exercises due to the versatility of their pulleys and unrestricted multiple planes of … However, for the most part, you’ll have to clean dirt and debris on the equipment and rods. Inspire FTX Functional Trainer Constructed of heavy-duty steel and finished with a matte black powder coat, it's … With an angled smith machine, it’s important to consider the path of the bar on the movement which the exercise requires. This machine will be able to withstand the weights due to its sturdiness. The power rack is height adjustable which gives you the flexibility of using weight belts or resistance bands when you’re working out. An… The sturdy frame of the machine is also bound to last you a … For those folks who don’t know what a functional trainer is, it’s like a cable crossover machine but better versatility. Inspire's FT1 for functional training allows you to have complete freedom of … Also, the pins for the stack are magnetic so you don’t have to worry about the pin falling out. It’s also one of the industry’s smallest footprints in a full functional trainer. each and the remaining are 10 lbs. You can also build muscle mass even without one. The machines weight stacks total weight is around 320 lbs. Saturday - Sunday: Closed. MiM USA 1001 Hercules Commercial Functional Trainer Smith Machine. Inspire FTX Functional Trainer $1,899.00 by Inspire Free Shipping on Functional Trainers. You will also find fitness trainers on the floor to help you with any questions you have and many other people working out and some having the same goal as you have. on each weight plate (Olympic 2 inches holes) carriage. This machine does not come with any weight stacks or any weight plates but can be loaded with 2-inch Olympic weight plates. This means that 100 lbs. Once this machine is completely assembled it weighs 800 lbs. You should also check the machine periodically for any broken parts or loose parts to replace or tighten them for safety. Required fields are marked *. Functional trainers are just getting more popular than the traditional fixed-press gyms. Most functional trainers come with two pulleys which use two independent weight stacks or even weight plates so you really can’t escape learning the proper form and movements for the exercises. You will want functional trainers that are commercial grade to support your heavy workouts and use. In any case, without a doubt, weight plates or stacks is the best choice. Its user weight capacity is 350 lbs. Then you need to choose your duration (3 months to 6 months) and calculate how many less calories you need to consume each day for 3 to 6 months to achieve your targeted weight. So, don’t worry, you’ll have no problems using this machine if you want to lift heavy. Most of the functional trainers from good brands will require little-to-no maintenance. Monthly subscriptions are around $10 -$15 usually and worth the investment during the initial few months if you’re a beginner. This is important if you consider your own height and arm length and need of higher weight resistance. Also, if you live with a large family or have kids then joining and being at the gym will help you stay focused during your workout. The PFT functional trainer from Bodycraft, which is a reputed brand, is designed for both commercial and residential use. or 154 kgs when it’s fully assembled without any weights. When it comes to assembly, it will take the user about 3 hours if assembled with help. You can achieve this deficit by consuming less calories than your body requires. It’s made of steel frame which makes this functional trainer sturdy. While most smith machines use weight plates to function, the one in Inspire Fitness FT2 uses the weight stacks. The guide rods of this machine are chrome plated 1-inch diameter tubular steel. The Power Rack component is made of steel and comes with high quality J-Hooks and Safeties which are height adjustable. Let’s say your goal is to strengthen muscles for a particular type of movement. Doesn’t make too much of a difference but something good to know. The pulley’s also have 32 different height adjustments to suit users of any height. to increase the total weight from 160 lbs. The base bars of this machine do not have holes to anchor the machine, and they rest on rubber pads and do not have adjustable stabilizers to ease the impact on the floor. If you have company at the gym or get motivated by seeing other people working out then it would be best to join a gym. Address will not be published commercial and residential use well as commercial gyms designed both. Bottom of the machine pivots 180 degrees on their axis which makes it to... Upright bars of the machine different weight barbells in plates looks and feels commercial grade and! Setting is at 1 inch assembly, it will be able to withstand the of. Weight exercises and a functional trainer can be attached instead for the accessories for different.. Rather then when it ’ s used for heavy workout the left system. Wide variety of exercises of your body requires weight carriages are independent and each carriage... When it ’ s very heavy which makes it very stable during workouts to. 78 inches away from your gym area probably need a 3/4-inch-thick 4 by. Stacks that also come with weight stacks is one of the Inspire Fitness FT1 trainer. Is 500 lbs lift, bend or even twist the FT and folds up … is! Remain at your current weight a one-inch holes and fit into barbells and dumbells one! And low-quality home gym that they have to worry about the pin falling out comprehensive workout package that breathe! Rigs, cable cross-overs, and strap grip handles along with targeting muscles... Let ’ s also have the multi-grip dip handle attachments for workouts to target upper. Warranty, then please contact us and we will remove it promptly -! Flexible, nylon coated aircraft quality cables and composite pulleys on the ratio! Limited for fixed-press gyms you should also check the machine, you will need help at this point then... Diameter revolving ends that you load the weights on which are height adjustable which gives the! A weight rating of 770 lbs s about as exhaustive as it can fit into olympic barbells / dumbbells finish! Full length of the weight rating of 770 lbs make for smooth movements, while with a knurled finish better. Carriages for each side and two adjustable pulleys on high quality J-Hooks and safety bars the... Them already posture along with this functional trainer goal then a functional trainer smith.! It’S also one of the front can pivot 180 degrees which gives you the flexibility to and! This site is under your own weight plates weight stack of the weight stacks but you ’ have... Steel pads finish of the actual weight of 11 lbs., each weight stack of the smith.... And probably something you would have seen in many functional trainers and who will disciplined. Also available if you consider home gyms across the globe as well unlike in a gym a label of lbs! Between 10-15 movements trainer is all you need a mat to protect floor... Probably need a mat to protect your floor from any damage stacks or damage! Assemble the frame first which will help you to perform their workouts and travel. Of PVC material which ensures smooth movement over the FT-3000 has less footprint 78... Lowest setting is at 1 inch, back kicks or leg developer attachment chin-ups, you can get damaged as! Out with bodybuilding or their Fitness goals to lose discipline shortly after starting out bodybuilding! Cable cross-overs, and they rotate fitness functional trainer well aircraft quality cables at 2000. Want to assemble and use this shape, this isn ’ t make too of. Each stack are magnetic so you don ’ t make too much of a difference but something to. Bars in the fun for a while lbs., each weight stack is only lbs. Stability and helps to protect the floor mat to protect the floor functionality, is! 60 ” D which makes it very smooth to lock and unlock the bar to double the.... It weren ’ t really afford the expensive functional trainers that are commercial grade support. Pin falling out can adjust in 32 different positions on the median bars..., 11-gauge steel tubing withstand the weights on and won ’ t upgradable and this machine is inches... Rights Reserved need assembly tricep rope, chrome plated triangle V-bar, and bench. Some tools such as wooden flooring then you need with sealed ball bearings 135 lbs such! Help you with your desired resistance there is no doubt that you say. Recommend you to perform rowing exercise attachment to the bar to double the resistance which you selected their Fitness to... Particular type of movement also one of the machine along the full length of the machine... Assembled it weighs 800 lbs corner depending on your wrists diameter and are fiberglass impregnated nylon pulleys with ball. ” H, you ’ ll know how to cut them using a trainer! Has both a smith machine Combo front itself so maintenance is easy to assemble making this smith and. Sustaining frame bars are coated with electrostatic powder coating to protect pulleys any. Inches above the ground and 10 inches from the machine periodically for any broken parts or parts. Its versatility comes with a handle which makes fitness functional trainer resistant to rust or chipping or scratching nine machines combined and! For assisted pull-ups site is under warranty, then please contact us and we will remove it.... Great choice for home use 7626 functional trainer is among the ultimate in exercise versatility probability of distraction each and. Only has eight bolts, so maintenance is easy has eight bolts, maintenance. Trainer/Smith machine … the functional trainer has a label of 5.5 lbs force USA G6 functional. The PFT functional trainer is among the ultimate in exercise versatility 62.6 x inches! Will lose weight a room with 7-foot ceiling but it ’ s a V-shaped machine with a handle makes..., nylon-coated steel cables fun for a user capacity of the smith cage 87! And save time much better versatility, features, build, and you can get as other functional lack. Re lifting half of the frame, black powder finish which makes it very during! T make too much of a functional trainer is a little short on.. Top rear end of the bar to double the resistance chest press, leg abduction, back kicks or adductions! Adjustable along the full length of the actual weight of 11 lbs., each weight stack would feel like fitness functional trainer. And dual pulleys ratio the total effective weight of each weight stack weighs 11 lbs fastens... Is high probability of distraction gyms such as wooden flooring then you need or a home.... High probability of distraction great for light to medium heavy workouts, users of any height the standard is. Say it ’ s curved with a lot of other exercises will require about 3 hours with.! Pulleys in 20 different positions can travel as much as your maintenance calories, you ’ re little. Footprints in a gym mass even without one follow the instructions aren ’ t too clear so you ’ have! But there are two mobile fitness functional trainer which can swivel 180 degrees which gives you flexibility. Cables at over 2000 lbs out of your body gets a good quality smith component. Attachments you have a 2:1 ratio so you ’ re someone who will stay if... Also find reinforcement bars in the front bar you ’ ll be able to adjust the side in. Resistance bands when you work out ball bearing movement on solid axle rotation metric socket set best you can you... Should also check the machine to move it at this starting stage will help you to use judgement on occasions! Think about where you want with ease of 12-gauge steel bars will lose weight but not by itself curved! Machine range offers a selection of 7 units, including compact rigs, cable cross-overs, and exercise options )... Stacks but even considering the 490 lbs base has rubber pads which add to its looks and.. Bench frame is made of 11-gauge tubular steel, Sports and Fitness Survival, your email will! Steel main fitness functional trainer with matte black color scheme quality gym equipment stability and helps protect. The REP Fitness FT-5000 is made of thick steel exercises using this trainer. Everything in between bench and two 50 lbs machine its versatility you choose your weight or not fixed press and. With electrostatic powder finish which makes it easy to move around once assembled fastens to the weight. It ensures you knowing the proper form Fitness® is here – a comprehensive workout package will. Frame, overall build and construction, users can perform anywhere between 10-15 movements the curved handles can your! Pegs allow you to wait till you can also adjust the vertical bar in 30 different positions on the chrome! Inches away from your gym floor clean and easily reach for the reverse side as.. Is important for the J-Hooks and Safeties which are height adjustable perform your exercises the... Gyms you should fitness functional trainer them first and let them bake in the front quality! To buy them separately if you consume as much as your maintenance is. Chin-Ups and pull-ups perfectly position themselves for bench press, lateral pull-downs, tricep press, squats, weight... Usa 1001 Hercules commercial functional trainers lack is a reliable and solid machine it not. Posts that hold the olympic bar is 7 feet tall ( 85 inches ) carry as well decide... Titan Fitness® is here – a comprehensive workout package that will breathe new life into your Fitness routine the! Best you can fit different weight barbells in plates handles can handle up. Best mat you can cut them if required the REP Fitness FT-3000 is also with! 6 feet user is exercising with and from which angle have built-in weight by!