Expensive and no service repair opportunity. Americas 888-881-3842 714-528-4500 Europe 11 ... but so far evga has not made a good impression for me and I think I will be going to a more reputable brand with better customer service when I upgrade, which I think I will be doing soon, before I go crazy from the coil whine. We highly recommend the EVGA SuperNOVA 650/550 GM … Read real customer ratings and reviews or write your own. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Developed a fault on 5v rail only outputting 3.3v sent back to evga HQ in Preston (not germany thanks evga) within 12 hours of recieving they had issued me a return tracking number.Delivery from ups seemed steady at best took 4 days to come back then when the parcel finally arrived I noticed it had come from Germany. Customer service doesn't reply to my email, my GPU is under warranty their website show that but they refused to fix it, don't buy evga product. I bought my power supply which is 500 watt bronze power supply with 3 year warranty. The 7-year warranty is a generous one, though we doubt you’ll ever need it. Still no response. ... EVGA is an excellent brand and the 80 Gold plus is energy efficient and dependable. Posted by. It was the biggest waste of money in all my years of building White Box PCs! 0. Now they dont want to give me another RMA, and i have an invoice from the computer store and it's still under warranty ! It is a nice shop but customer service does not help me when I need help because my english not good very and they seem bery unpatient, I order rtx 2080 and want redeeem grip code but i throw reciept away. EVGA Precision X1. 8 comments. Honestly only EVGA and Sapphire stand out to me in terms of customer service in the tech world through my experiences. Press Release. Terms & Conditions. 29. Products go bad and when they do warranty service is a must. I spend in excess of 10k$ on EVGA products but I will never buy anything from them again.They used to be a good company but it seems they are now thieves. EVGA power supplies are among the best one can get. If they would have made things right I would have given them a second chance but they just took my money and ran! Write a Review My EVGA power supply is working great after several months since install. If you do buy a PSU from EVGA please get it tested before you put it into your system. Would highly recommend free shipping over $100.00 though. Its now been 2 weeks. Rate Our Service. Unlike what I originally was told on the phone they would not test it or be able to help me recoup any damage it caused to other components, components that it is meant to be used with. How To RMA. EVGA PSU damaged my Motherboards and their Cust Serv are no help. Unsere Top Auswahlmöglichkeiten - Wählen Sie bei uns den Evga geforce gtx 1080 ti sc black edition review entsprechend Ihrer Wünsche. EVGA Support Team. I would avoid buying directly from EVGA or buying any EVGA product at all, down the line when you have issues you'll get to deal with their "phenomenal" customer service. Integrated RGB light controller. 5 out of 5 Value. Get Support. Card is already gone and replaced with an Asus strix pre-order. Buy EVGA SuperNOVA 750 GT, 80 Plus Gold 750W, Fully Modular, Auto Eco Mode with FDB Fan, 7 Year Warranty, Includes Power ON Self Tester, Compact 150mm Size, Power Supply 220-GT-0750-Y1 with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. 34 reviews for eVGA.com, rated 3 stars. I would absolutely recommend them and most of their products. So I RMA it and they send me a 8800GT in return. While I do use other companies, I tend to just cut my losses and buy a new product rather than waste my time with an RMA. If I bought from amazon I could have shipped it back for free and gotten a full refund in like two days. Quality. I have very positive experiences with RMA and the quality of EVGA products is extremely good.So I … Product Manuals. Get Support. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! Which leaves me to believe the card was not handle with all the care a 2,461$CAD(including custom and shipping) card should be handled with...To top it off those 2 cards (2 RTX 3090 FTW3 and XC3) can't be linked with the nvlink cause their nvlink connector do not align!!! Hats off to the customer service … 5 out of 5 Ease of Use. Not worth buying through, if you're interested in getting some new PC components I would absolutely avoid EVGA, their customer service is extremely overrated, their reps seem annoyed or agitated answering questions, if you were to buy a product I would go through Amazon as their process for returns is much easier, EVGA will do whatever they can to gouge you for as much money as they can, its bad … Buy EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER XC ULTRA GAMING, 08G-P4-3173-KR, 8GB GDDR6, Dual HDB Fans, RGB LED, Metal Backplate with fast shipping and top-rated customer service… I am already over a month in of hassle when I should have been using my new build for that long. We will be taking a detailed look at the 750 G2L in this review. How To RMA. EVGA Extended Warranty. Evga 850 GQ.. Bought it and it fried various components of my fairly new computer. NO RESPONSE. Would like to give a shout out to the entire community for being so great .Thank you all and my the rtx Gods bless u all. If i did it was nothing but Blue-screen nightmares! Power Meter. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. This time however I noticed a hot smell on the motherboard near the CPU power input. Press Release. I thought for sure that I was out of luck but lo and behold, lifetime warranty. artifacts appearing. EVGA Warranty. Write a Review. EVGA North America's #1 NVIDIA partner. I couldn’t run any of them with max memory 16 gigs! evga.com. One per customer. Cable Sleeving Supplies, Connectors, PCI-E 6pin PCI-E Female Connector. never had any issues with my Graphics cards I even owned a GTX 750 Ti and a GTX 960 in the past never had any issues with those cards either. In that time I have had to use their RMA process twice. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Be aware of 3rd party sellers on this site! Thanks EVGA. Contact Customer Service. evga.com. Contact Customer Service. EVGA just isn’t worth it. hide. 2 months of waiting for a 3080 ftw3 ultra. Once EVGA receives your RMA request, the RMA will be reviewed by our Customer Service Department within one (1) business day. The send me broken card after broken card for two generations now!!!! I received one of the card covered in thermal paste (a toxic product you should not get on your skin BTW). Newegg shopping upgraded ™ Drivers and BIOS. Terms & Conditions. Well guess what I finally upgraded to a Gigabyte board with a 9th gen I7 I had my suspicions that evga was lying to me that it was me or something I put in the P55 but on first attempt the Creative card works perfectly in the new Gigabyte board! Helpful (0) Unhelpful (0) Report. Reviews . See more images. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! That process is so far 15-30 days for the motherboard. I got PSU 750 and EVGA GTX 1080ti - both work with no issues. Bad service ! I got it on my hand when opening it cause I could never imagine I will receive it like this, I have pictures but can't link them here sadly.One of the heatsink blades was also bent. I have been using EVGA products for the past 10 years. Jump to Sections of this page Product subject to availability, quantities are limited. Based on the philosophy of intelligent innovation, market knowledge, and the real time operation, EVGA continues to identify the need in the market place and providing the solution to that need. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. save. I have dealt with so many terrible customer support experiences with Amazon, Ebay, Scuf, HTC, and more, so when EVGA really showed me they actually support their products with care, I was genuinely impressed.I was probably just unlucky with my original purchases. I will make a concerted effort to buy EVGA products from now on. The second time was a GTX 970. Rate Our Service. Search job titles. Drivers and BIOS. Putting my working PSU back in caused the system to start up without pressing the power button and they system started screaming. My older PSU would not work on the new motherboards either after the EVGA one damaged them. Newegg shopping upgraded ™ Terms & Conditions. Contact Us. Would rather just buy a new card than deal with them... so far so good. I'll never buy again from them, their junk of PSU caused a lot of damage on other components, I had to spend a lot of money to replace them: don't buy any of their products! Your experience might differ but so far evga has not made a good impression for me and I think I will be going to a more reputable brand with better customer service when I upgrade, which I think I will be doing soon, before I go crazy from the coil whine. I had a 7900GT that I bought at launch. The leak comes from Videocardz who have posted a … 53 EVGA reviews. MODS RIGS. Before we can review EVGA’s luxurious GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra, ... EVGA is known for being very responsive to customer feedback. your trained to hangup if customers use foul mouth, but are trained to escalate things so the customer … The only thing evga hasn’t failed me on is there graphics cards! 3 stars. EVGA didnt really seem bothered in my opinion.I wouldn't buy from them again. Reg $119.99. Offer may not be substituted, exchanged, sold or redeemed for cash or other goods or services. About 3 years ago, I decided to give EVGA components a try, as I had never really used them, and their step up program looked enticing. Customer Service can be reached 09:00 - 18:00 CET. Terrible quality control of video products. They finally send a replacement and it's re-certified/refurbished..... Should I expect a new PSU?All I know is that PSU cost me a few hundred £'s in broken components which I have to replace. See what 44 other customers have said about evga.com and share your own shopping experiences. EVGA Warranty. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING, ACX 2.0 (Single Fan), 6GB GDDR5, DX12 OSD Support (PXOC), Only 6.8 Inches Graphics Card 06G-P4-6161-KR at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Newegg shopping upgraded ™ EVGA Warranty. EVGA is perhaps best known for their graphics cards and a reputation for excellent customer service that sets a standard for others to follow. ELITE Member. probably the best quality and performance cards I would recommend an EVGA card any day. So I ordered an rtx 2060 ko ultra, it's good for my 1080p gaming setup but it has horrible coil whine, like so horrible, like I want to return it and get a new one. And that was international shipping!The call centre is in California, the agents are all very friendly and seem to enjoy their jobs. I contacted EVGA about the issue over the phone, they instructed me to go online and register the PSU then file a ticket, instead of returning it to the retailer so that they could look at it to determine if it would have hurt other components. Terms & Conditions. Because I've never had better customer support than I have had with EVGA. Absolute soyboys. EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 FTW3 Ultra review: Frigid, silent, and built to overclock A phenomenal custom cooler and abundant overclocking-friendly features. EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra review: Built to push the bleeding edge of performance EVGA's GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra packs a fantastic custom cooling system and all sorts of … Supports vertical mounting of the graphics card. Markus Kaesbauer Support Manager mkaesbauer@evga.com; EVGA Support Team. Joe Darwin Marketing Director jdarwin@evga.com; Bob Klase VP of Sales sales@evga.com; Jaeson Wilda Support Manager jwilda@evga.com; Support Phone Numbers. Email Customer Service. How To RMA. Related products. EVGA Product Review. Share. I submitted my tech support request 5 days ago and called today but still no answer. There are no reviews yet. Has a one-touch overclocking button. Associate Program. We had a chance to see their facilities from the sales and customer service offices, to the warehouse, testing, RMA, and repair centers. 25 ratings . Joe Darwin Marketing Director jdarwin@evga.com; Bob Klase VP of Sales sales@evga.com; Jaeson Wilda Support Manager jwilda@evga.com; Support Phone Numbers. EVGA took extremely good care of me and guided me through the entire process. EVGA invited out several media to their new (been there about a year) US Headquarters in Brea, California to discuss the iCX technology and implementation. Considering the amount of crypto-miners RMAing their cards at the same time, I was very concerned about not having my RMA filled (or filled quickly enough for the warranty to not expire). EVGA Advanced. Useful. EVGA News; Press Release; Product Updates. Customer reviews. I've had the 2080 in a couple of days and it's also working well for now. When it was all put together there was a millisecond of power the first time I pressed the power button then nothing. Had a product that got damage within the 1 year warranty, was able to send it back, and got an entirely new boxed version of the same product; better than I expected. report. Let’s get to that. In these sorts of cases, it's best to discuss directly with EVGA Customer Service. Get Support . Top notch customer service and support. Non responsive customer service. I got a great price on it and the guys in Geek Squad helped me to decide on the particular model, installed it for me and provided excellent customer service. I sent the PSU to them and they denied having it for weeks on end. Places like Newegg and Amazon are sold out instantly, and the cards go up on eBay for up to double the price due to the abundance of scalpers buying all the stock out with bots.EVGA implemented a program where you could register on their site to get in line for an RTX. Power Meter. EVGA Support Team. Careers. https://www glassdoor.com/ Reviews/EVGA-Reviews-E264907.htm. 3 years ago. noko. Email Customer Service. I have gotten everything I thought I would get and more. Press Release. Das Top Produkt konnte beim Evga nu audio review Vergleich dominieren. Product came quickly and arrived on time. 1600 Watts (5) 1300 Watts (2) 1200 Watts (2) 1000 Watts (9) 850 Watts (14) 750 Watts (13) No long detailed story but evga won me over at about the same timeframe. Share your voice on ResellerRatings.com 10. I greatly enjoy EVGA CS in terms of communication (though reps can be slow in responding), level of understanding, and policies for repair and replacement. that arrived 3 days later. As NVIDIA's primary partner, the company made a strong headway into the PC DIY market with GPUs and expanded to have other product segments covered, including power supplies, motherboards, and peripherals. First time was with an old GTX 260 216 core. But I came to my senses and dropped them like a bad habit and will never buy EVGA again! Just outside of a year, it died on me. EVGA Extended Warranty. As a result, I ended up getting an RTX 3080 at a standard price, fairly promptly (admittedly I signed up fast. Americas 888-881-3842 714-528-4500 Europe 11 My power supply took a dump after a year of usage and so I went through the warranty/RMA process. I will never buy from EVGA again and have been buying all of my £400+ cards from GIGABYTE ever since.I am pretty sure they would have made their money back 10 fold if they had just honoured their guarantee as I would have bought many cards from them throughout my lifetime.They have absolutely no dignity and no business sense either it seems. Egal was auch immer du letztendlich zum Thema Evga geforce gtx 1080 ti sc black edition review wissen wolltest, siehst du bei uns - ergänzt durch die ausführlichsten Evga geforce gtx 1080 ti sc black edition review Produkttests. The EVGA power supply is built solid with high quality materials. Terms & Conditions. 0. And speaking of returning, I also got my power supply from them, the power supply that broke in 4 weeks with around 4 to 5 hour play sessions every other day. Customer is responsible for any applicable sales tax. I have very positive experiences with RMA and the quality of EVGA products is extremely good.So I will buy only EVGA products. It was under warranty so they replaced it which was ok at the time however the replacement just died on me again! guess what comes after that from customers. EVGA Reviews. 2 stars. The regular price is $119.99. EVGA would not authorise an RMA.In this day and age with digital records and proof of purchase, bank details, online registration of products and they still demanded that I kept a little piece of tracing paper (receipt) for up to 10 years!I am not sure I ever got one in the first place as I bought the card from an official EBAY seller and 4 years ago is quite a while to remember about certain little pieces of paper.Any way these con men can keep out of doing the right thing by their customers and paying what they owe.The card was only worth £50 by then so that is the most they would of had to replace. 4.7 (521 Reviews) 18 Answered Questions; Customer images +4 images; $83.99 Your price for this item is $83.99.