The AIO cools my CPU till +-82 degrees … Press J to jump to the feed. Für den Test der EK-AIO 240 D-RGB wird die AM4-Plattform für Kühlertests genutzt. So you answered your own question. Kaum ein halbes Jahr nachdem ich die EK-AIO 240 D-RGB getestet habe, legt man nun mit EK-AIO Elite nach. compared to all the other sync program. Good one! Hey all, doing my first SFF build and running into clearance issues between the block fittings and the RAM/board heatsinks. I just purchased a new EK-AIO 240mm for my new build to cool my i7-10700k. Some people have reported overly high stock voltage. It offers all the benefits of a water-cooling solution in a compact, easy to install and maintenance-free design. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So I am rocking the beautiful O11Dynamic Mini with an EK 240 AIO that cools my AMD Ryzen 7 5800x. That sounds more like it! Does anyone know if the EK AIO 240 D-RGB work along with the Icue program? Does someone have experience with this AIO and might know what to do or if this is normal behaviour? Check your bios and see what voltage it's getting. So if there is any other way to control EK-AIO other than the bios please let me know. A 240mm AIO is a tad small for that CPU IMO I understand you have space restrictions though. I want to control the pump speed, fans speed, rgb lighting etc.. I would try reversing the fans on the radiator. Crank up that pump speed and probably boost your fans a bit. Each of the three items needs to be powered with a 4-pin fan header and also an A-RGB or VDG header from your motherboard. Filters Sort. But i started thinking that only Nzxt and corsair can be controlled through the software. On their website they cool an 200W 3900x with it on 65 degrees. Works great, and since all my other fans are Corsair I only need to use iCue. EK Waterblocks EK-AIO 240 D RGB im Test – Closed-Loop vom Open-Loop Hersteller EK Waterblocks. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. But the aio itself is not that good. EK-AIO Elite 360 D-RGB ; Radiator Dimensions: 155 x 120 x 30mm: 275 x 120 x 30mm: 395 x 120 x 30mm: 395 x 120 x 30mm: Pump Unit Dimensions: 80 x 70 x 53mm: 80 x 70 x 53mm: 80 x 70 x 53mm: 88 x 70 x 64mm: Tube Length: 300mm: 350mm: 400mm: 400mm: D-RGB Lighting: Vardar D-RGB Fans: 1: 2: 3: 6: BUY NOW. EK Water Blocks hasn't been much into AIO models but they aim to change that with their newest series the first of which is no other than the EK AIO 240 D-RGB which I’ve been using for almost 2 weeks. It worked great for about 2 days and then on a restart the pump stopped working. Personally in waiting out on the new lt 240 they should be releasing. The dimension of the radiator is 275 x 120 x 27mm. EK-AIO 240 D-RGB im Test: Solide Standard-AiO von EK Water Blocks 21.4.2020 14:00 Uhr Thomas Böhm 51 Kommentare tl;dr: EK Water Blocks ist für Custom-Wasserkühlungen bekannt. Surely the lt240 would give better performance as it is all copper and also gives the option to expand in the future for a full custom loop. Ok im about to buy myself an EK-AIO 240. Thanks! I firstly wanted to get a corsair h100i just because ease of control from the iCue software. EK Water Blocks EK-AIO 240 D-RGB mit Fanswap zu 2x Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM, 120mm NZXT Kraken X53 … Tim Kutzner. I will be mounting the EK-AIO in the front of my Caselabs Nova X2M. Press J to jump to the feed. Was going for the H100i because of the iCue and 5 years warranty (very good customer support from Corsair I have heard). Laut EK Waterblocks wurde die reguläre EK-AIO bereits nach kurzer Zeit zu einem der meistverkauften Artikel, sodass man das eigene Sortiment noch etwas ausweiten möchte. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I want to control the pump speed, fans speed, rgb lighting etc.. Price $ Loading... $ Published. This made my temps go stable around 70 under full load with a stable voltage of 1,3V and a stable CPU core frequency of 4,5Ghz. Since the page for the AIO does not specify if it work with Icue or not. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Share. Seems like there's no way to turn rotate block such that the fittings won't interfere with either the leftmost RAM slot, or the heatsinks locates around the board. The thickness of the radiator is 27mm. With 1 core 100% load it reaches a max of 55 degrees, so that's not much! He also told me that the ideal pump speed is >80%. The EK AIO comes with a universally compatible CPU water-block, along with a pre-filled pump-res combo design for a liquid cooling solution that’s ready to go straight out of the box. -Warranty and customer support the same. Edit I : @u/EKJake mentioned that the 5800x is a hot chip and that the chip gets to much voltage with some sysyems. Assembly Help. EK Includes a fan Y-splitter, so you only need two free fan headers from your motherboard. So yeah, i dont know what to pick between this 2 now. EK AIO … My idle temperature is 30/35 degrees. The EK-KIT Classic RGB S240 is an RGB-lit starter liquid cooling kit dedicated to all users who seek the best price/performance ratio and market-proven components that are compatible with a wide range of PC cases. It’s runs way too hot. I use the BIOS to control the pump of the AIO (I just set it to 100% and forget), and for the fans I use a Corsair Commander Pro. BUY NOW. BUY NOW. Heat is handled via an aluminium radiator paired with the EK-Vardar S 120ER D-RGB fans. The EK-AIO 240 D-RGB requires one pump and two fans to be connected. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Close • Posted by just now. All; AMD Ryzen 3 3300X; AMD Ryzen 5 2600; AMD Ryzen 5 3600; AMD Ryzen 5 3600X; AMD Ryzen 7 3700X; AMD Ryzen 7 3800XT; AMD Ryzen 7 5800X; AMD Ryzen 9 3900X ; AMD Ryzen 9 3950X; AMD Ryzen 9 5900X; Intel Core i5-10600K; Intel Core i5-10600KF; Intel … A Closer Look at the EKWB Predator 240 » There are various reasons that one chooses an AIO or All-In-One CPU cooler over assembling a custom water loop. Z490i AORUS Ultra and EK AIO 240 D-RGB Clearance Issues. I find 80% on pump and ~65-75% on the AIO stock fans to have acceptable noise especially if gaming with a headset. While checking my voltage it was stable at 1,41V and there where spikes in almost 1,5V for the CPU. Unfortunately I think controlling the fan and pump speed are only through bios, also note that lots of people claiming that the vardar fan is pretty noisy over 70-80% speed. The EK AIO D-RGB 240 is apart of the true AIO lineup of products EKWB have finally released. This view is an unboxing and review of the EKWB AIO 240 D-RGB liquid cooler. I changed the pump (95%) and fan (50%) speed, it effected the temperature by -4 degrees. Hi folks,I do love a 240mm AIO and this has become my new favourite. Or do I have to use the motherboard fusion software etc.? This was caused due to the CPU package that targets a 5900x power limit of 149W with the AMD precision boost. Thanks for your help! AMD need to fix 5800x. I have the EK AIO 360 and 3900x OC'd and max temps are 72c when ambient is mid 20's, I’m running an ek240 with the 5800x in a coolermaster nr200 and never exceeding 68C under full load. The temps where still in the 80 degrees under full load. Do you know perhaps what voltage it should be? EK 240 AIO Performance. EK® Water Blocks, the premium liquid cooling manufacturer, bears the name of its founder Edvard König. The max precision boost power limit (-20% of origional) helps a lot and strangely enough it improves my stable automatic boost clock and thus scores. I’m also in the same boat. I recently purchased an EK AIO 240 and it seems to be really loud. The ek AIO only uses an aluminium radiator and they are both pretty similar in size and fin stack. That's an bios issue I gues. And ofcourse it won't happen often (certainly for a constant period of time) that all 8 cores will be fully loaded! So if there is any other way to control EK-AIO … If it’s a noice problem then you could maybe cut it down to 75% but I wouldn’t recommend anything lower than that. I made some research by myself and also contacted EkWb about how to controller the fans and everything, and they said the Ek loop control is the only option if you dont wanna use bios but they also said that its not good right now just beacuse the software on it its pretty ass. Hallo Leute, schnelle Frage: Was würdet ihr im NCase M1 verbauen? Keeping that predatory heat at bay with the EK Predator 240 AIO Liquid Cooler. And the fans you say that they get noisy, im probably gonna change them to corsair ones just beacuse they're sooo much better lookin. EK-AIO 360 D-RGB. That's odd to say. EK-XLC Predator 240 is next-generation, premium grade pre-filled and pre-assembled all-in-one (AIO) CPU liquid cooling unit. I firstly wanted to get a corsair h100i just because ease of control from the iCue software. I am very happy with my AIO!! Mai 2020 06:30 . I over(or under)clocked the AMD precision boost to have a max tdp of 120W. EK 240 AIO rgb issues I bought this cooler and daisy chained all the drgb headers of the fans and cpu block to the 5v header on my asus b550A motherboard. That's true, I am not familiar with AIO Performance, so that's why I am asking! Designed for cases with limited space and a slim radiator in mind, the S kits are a great way to enter the world of custom liquid cooling. It provides extreme cooling performance and exceptional build quality unseen in the AIO (all-in-one) segment so far. I will try this out tonight, thanks a lot! But the aio itself is not that good. It has a 240mm radiator with 2x EK-Vardar S 120ER D-RGB fans. Was happy with how nice and easy it was to setup. The first sound sounds like the fans whirring but it's loud enough that it sounds like a vacuum. Back in the day, I always ran my fans in front of the rads in a push configuration. CPU. I thought that these AIO'S would cool a bit better. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Tumblr Pinterest Reddit WhatsApp Telegram Viber. Hi y'all, So I am rocking the beautiful O11Dynamic Mini with an EK 240 AIO that cools my AMD Ryzen 7 5800x. So.. that was a thing. It sounds like it's producing two sounds. The pump is very quiet at 95% by the way! Tom Brokaw Follow on Twitter Send an email September 23, 2015. but I do not know if the ek aio 240 would need an adapter or something for it. Log In Sign Up. 28. Looks about right tbh that’s a lot of cores running at 100%, what did it do under stock cooling? The EK-AIO 240 D-RGB, much like its larger sibling, is a custom in-house design with the pump based on the company's SPC series. Your running your pump at 50%, aios are meant to be run at 100% all the time. The EK Water Blocks EK-AIO 240 is a 240mm CLC cooling solution. I have corsair fans in my case, but use the EK Vardar fans for the AIO that came with my AIO360. I have a Corsair Icue 465X which come with the node. BUY NOW . Ek pretty much is the same but the Ek unit is actually better performance compare to H100i. Note: Wattages are estimates only. or the Lightning node core. Your fan speed is a quiet low and having only one exhaust fan might be a problem too. Yes the 5800x runs a little warmer than the others because of how it’s designed, but running your aio at 50% is basically cutting it’s cooling power by 50% too. The EK-AIO 240 D-RGB is an all-in-one liquid cooling solution for your CPU. So I think the automatic precision boost of AMD is partly the problem. Considering the performance of the 360 mm version, I expect solid performance from this 240 mm design as well. Is that still the way to go? Recently got a ek 240 aio from Amazon a few days ago. Testsystem und Methodik. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The max voltage peak was now 1,4V. And a lot of people have other brand aio's and they are controlling them from bios just you wont be able to change the speed in game or something so thats why im sticking with the ek-ao. I have tried every fan header and tried different q-fan configurations and straight up disabling for none of it to work. Filters. I run the AIO with stock pre applied thermal paste, a pump speed of 50% and fan speed of 45%. EK-AIO 120 D-RGB. So the Vardar fans can be controlled by Corsair? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, However only the bottom part of the cpu block lights up and the fans also only light up in one spot. User account menu • EK 240 AIO Performance. Completed Builds Using EK EK-AIO 240 D-RGB 66.04 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler. Ok im about to buy myself an EK-AIO 240. EKWB EK-XLC Predator 240 All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooling Unit Review. Actual power draw may differ from listed values. Filters. The AIO cools my CPU till +-82 degrees while doing a 10 minute multi core stress test In cinebench. So if someone with ITX board with less fan header count, Corsair unit might help. EK-AIO 240 D-RGB. -Performance: EK > Corsair -Unit control (customisation): Ek < Corsair -Acoustic : Ek < Corsair -Price: Ek > Corsair (Ek is cheaper) -And lastly is maybe not for everyone but the fans on the Corsair are connected to the unit pump while on Ek fans are connected to Mobo fan headers.